Broadband During the Pandemic: Where Do We Go From Here?

  • West Texas-based BBT reallocating unused broadband resources at closed schools to ensure students in need can continue to learn from home;
  • AT&T’s $10 million Distance Learning & Family Connections Fund;
  • South Carolina-based Hargray partnering with educators to ensure students have internet connectivity, including programs to support remote learning for grades K-12 and college with free internet service;
  • Verizon’s $55 million in contributions to global COVID-19 crisis response;
  • Montana-based Blackfoot Communications (with the highest percentage of rural schools in the country) making available free Wi-Fi hotspots to ensure all students are able to participate in remote learning, download course materials, and stay on top of their classwork;
  • CenturyLink donating its time and equipment to connect and wire the U.S. Navy’s Mercy hospital ship (in a mere 48 hours) to its location at the Port of Los Angeles;
  • Washington State-based Rainier Connect’s collaboration with Tacoma Public Schools to get laptops and high-speed internet service into the homes of students.



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